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February 2, 2010 at 9:36 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Low level struggling…

One of the worst part of WoW is the first few levels. The characters usually have no abilities, no stuff and for some of them solo is a real pain.
Luckily we don’t play solo and even if the characters are still naked or close to, we can easily defeat a whole bunch of uglies, including quite higher-than-us ones.
Also we can of course spend time chatting and saying funny (and/or stupid) things on our shiny TS3 server, that helps a lot overcoming the boredom of those lowbie levels.
That still doesn’t replace some good challenging instance, but we’ll have to wait a little bit for that.

Anyway, back to the ‘present’: another annoying part is the lack of speed boost of any kind, forcing us to walk… slowly… walk… all over the almost empty starting area.
Couple reasons made us start in orcs/trolls area, which is also probably not the best one to avoid long running !
Note: main reason is Skaloo refuses to get a kodo ever. Wolf mount just looks all the way better.

Our travels lead us to the troll village of Sen Jin and the infamous nearby achipelago that forces you to swim again and again all over the place (like we were running too fast already).
There we meet the first of the worst drop rate quest ever (crabs parts and the like), doing this with 3 people is just a no-go. pass.
However, we could unleash our spells and the rogue could stab some trolls, raptors or tigers.

Almost naked, and using level 1 spells for the druids, the 3 of us could still defeat easily +2/3 levels mobs, including double pulls – the power of grouping !
A few more walking around and we can finaly bash some humans in Tirngarde Keep and some quilboars in the surrounding villages.
At long last, after a few hours of not-really-interesting monster bashing and a lot of walking, we hit level 10 !
A decently quick quest that still involves some travelling and the 2 druids are finaly starting to be the shapeshifters they are supposed to be:

The ‘new’ bear shapes look decent, except the tauren still have those ugly and stupid horns…

That was all for the first evening.
You already probably understood the 3 of us are not really fan of quest-grinding our levels and our next step will be to level up to 14 in order to start doing what we really are looking for: dungeons, starting with Ragefire Chasm !


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  1. Skekraft said,

    Hah I totally agree. I HATE level 1-20, after that it’s usually gets okay and then it gets fun at 60 🙂

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