Crafting or not crafting … What to choose …

February 2, 2010 at 10:46 pm (Crafting) (, )

Professions, the crafting skills in WoW, can be quite useful, at least some of them are, but choosing who’s going to skill up which ones can lead to some funny chitchats.
Only a few of them are actualy really interesting from the beginning, specialy with our class setup.

Alchemy, Cooking, Enchanting and Tailoring all are decently useful at higher levels, but not that much at lower levels.
Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking on the other hand are both quite useful early on for us.
Inscription is kind of different, you start using glyphs at 15 but it requires high skill even to create some of the lower glyphs, making it less appealing.
Blacksmithing and Engineering are both fairly annoying (and expensive) and also almost useless for our characters.

Even removing the uninteresting ones, there’s still a lot of things we could use. Luckily our 3 characters may get help from 3 crafting-monkey-deathknights to get it done.
DKs are also quite good in the beginning for the gathering skills with their 100% speed mount, the fact they have all the fly paths and last but not least their high levels allowing them to gather easily in all 50- areas.

Having racial boost for enchanting, the bloodelf rogue Acquilara will be our Enchanteress and as her DK already had herbalism, she also picked up Inscription.
Having an Enchanter in the dungeons will have a bonus side effect, with our setup a lot of drops will be useless and the enchanter will be able to get the ressources from them. Her DK is also a tailor, to help disenchanting and create us some shiny bags.

With 3 leather wearers, leatherworking is definately one to pick, not mentionning the good high level bonus items (armor patches, drums, …).
Aajmi is covering skinning and leatherworking. /ChopChop.

Jewelcrafting helps filling slots that would stay empty for a long time if we were waiting for drops, therefore it’s also an important one. One of the DK is good for that, because mining can be tough at lower levels.
Skaloo couldn’t pass on the Tauren racial bonus to flower picking, with mining as the 2nd choice to fill in all gathering skills on our 3 characters.
Skaloo‘s also a chef in heart, Cooking will be leveled along the way.

This combination should help us make some money at the auction house and level our crafts easily.

Later on, we will probably get some Alchemy done, probably on the 3rd DK, but there’s no hurry as it’s useless at lower levels.


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