First Dungeon : Ragefire Chasm

February 14, 2010 at 1:08 pm (Instance) (, , , )

The time has come to start doing what we came for : Instances !

Ragefire Chasm is the first dungeon on the Horde side : it is designed to be done at level 13 with a 5-people group.

After some quests, we dinged level 15 and decided to enter this scary dungeon with our 3-mates group.
Aajmi will be tanking with her bear’s form, Acquilara will be our sneaky-but-painful dps, and Skaloo will take care of the life bars and crowd-control potential adds.

Entrance of Ragefire Chasm

This dungeon is the first one for new players.
As a consequence, it has been designed not to be too difficult : most of the mobs are not elite, they are not all linked with friends and the bosses do not have special abilities.
The role of Ragefire Chasm is to make players learn with each others and to do teamplay.

Begining of Ragefire Chasm

The atmosphere of the instance is Lava cavern : there a lot of lava, it’s warmth, wet.
We really feel we are deeply beneath earth, in a dangerous place.

Ragefire Chasm's atmosphere

After killing some easy trashes, we meet the first named mob : Maur Grimtotem.
He is a step for a quest inside the dungeon.
As a beginner’s dungeon, Blizzard made this NPC not elite.
I repeat, but the goal of Ragefire Chasm is to learn people how to play together.
So Maur quickly dies !

Maur Grimtotem

The first boss (and strangely the one that validates the completion of the dungeon) is Taragaman the Hungerer.

Taragaman the Hungerer

Taragaman is a level 16 elite humanoid boss. All spells affecting humanoids are affecting him. Our rogue could even sap him !

Our team downed him without difficulty.
He looted the Subterranean Cape.

Subterranean Cape

After that, we finished the remaining quest in the dungeon (named but not elite mobs) and that’s all !
The experience gained is quite decent and with the quests, we reached level 17 with this dungeon.


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